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Rat Bastard Fruit Punch 12 Pack

12 Pack

RAT BASTARD ENERGY DRINK - Don't get trapped in the rat rut, claw your way through the rat race with our cutting-edge formula is designed to help you perform at your maximum for hours

 CLEAN ENERGY - Chew up the competition with our naturally caffeinated, sugar-free and zero calorie energy drink that will not leave you feeling like a tired old rat

 GET UP YOU RAT BASTARD - Fast focus, no crash or jitters with Rat Bastard's sustainable energy, increasing focus & attention span for hours without unpleasant side effects of jitters and an unwelcome crash 

THE ULTIMATE BEVERAGE - Whether you're in work mode or gaming, ignite a natural energy boost with Rat Bastard's antioxidants packed caffeine drink so you can grab the world by the tail

 EVEN A RAT BASTARD CARES - Our canned beverages are infinitely recyclable to help protect our environment. Made in USA at GMP Certified Labs with certified ingredients; Our tested formula is designed to help improve focus; 12 oz can (Case of 12)